Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Self Portrait Reflection

The self portrait assignment was an interesting one as I wanted to try to make sure I revealed something about myself without actually having to be in the video (or at least all of me in the video). The effects and editing I thought went very well, especially the tin foil gag. My personal favorite shot is easily the tin foil face in the dark with just the light from a tv illuminating one side. It came out exactly as I had hoped it would. My most interesting shot I think is the one of my face, over exposed and stretched, as I thought it almost looks like a drawing or painting, rather than live action.
Cucalorus Experience

I went to the Cucalorus film festival over the weekend and with the jibasorus pass I was able to see 4 (of 5) film blocks. Even though I have been in Wilmington for a few years now I don't really go to downtown Wilmington so trying to find my way there was an experience unto itself and even thought it doesn't pertain to the films I feel I should mention it as this is a post about my whole experience. 
So, I didn't find out there was a parking deck that you could park in for longer than the sectioned off parking spaces which you had to constantly buy a ticket for, so on my first day, after every block, I went back to my car and bought another ticket. It’s important to note that I think this affected my whole first day experience negatively, especially when paired with my strange need to be early (especially for events that I don't know what I’m doing (as it was my first time going to Cucalorus)), however it wasn't going to make me waste the tickets I had.

Anyways I saw 3 of my 5 blocks (and I missed 1) in that first day because Saturday (and Sunday morning) were the only times I was free. It should be no surprise then that since I deteriorated over that day that the first showing, which was the Elephant Seal Shorts: Emotional, was my favorite of all the film blocks. I should also note that I think regardless of my condition that this shorts collection would still be my favorite. I enjoyed getting to see multiple films, each unique whether it was experimental, like Memories by UNCW’s Dave Monahan, a documentary such as Smoke That Travels or Aproximada, or a narrative like The Truth of Us or Gone Away. The other films I saw at Cucalorus were great too, but these were the ones that stuck with me the most.

Overall, I’d love to do the experience again, especially since I know where I’m going and where to park. I think it was a great adventure and would recommend that someone go to the festival, even if for just one movie. I would also like to reiterate that this was my personal experience with the festival and everyone will have an opportunity for a better event than myself. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Self Portrait Ideas

From what I understand, a self portrait is suppose to say something about you as a person, or at least that is why we said in class. I hate having my picture taken, so I was planning on finding different ways to hide my face such as overexposing or underexposing the shot. Another way in which I could do that would be to put some sort of wrapping in front of the camera, or on my face so you wouldn't be able to make out distinct features. I don't think it should be too difficult to accomplish and it also alleviates my picture taking qualm. I think another cool thing that I could do is maybe get some tin foil and make a mold of my face using the tin foil and use that as a stand in at some points for my face.Another thing I could do is mess with the lighting around me and try to get my face covered in light bright enough to mess with the camera’s view of my face. I also thought about maybe taking shots from different angles, such as right underneath my chin looking up, or from behind my ear. That way I can mess with the depth my face has, as well as still avoiding having my picture taken straight on. Finally, I could try moving the camera with a long shutter speed, creating a distorted look of my face.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Art House reading 

The article talks about the ways in which micro-cinemas are competing with a more mainstream showing of art films. I think the article brings up a good point in that to keep people coming to micro-cinemas they need to have a gimmick. By having something unique, like a room for parents and infant children or themed concessions, the appeal of micro-cinemas becomes more alluring. If a micro-cinema wants to be successful in showing art films, they need to have a draw that is beyond what could be provided in the home setting. People enjoy the comfort of their homes and need something more to coax them to the micro-cinemas. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Light Observation 3

Taking photos at night was the easiest thanks to a fellow film studies major having a bright light to help properly light the photos. An extremely bright light as well as a slow shutter speed was helpful in getting a good photo of a moving vehicle. Working around the light required the camera being placed at a certain distance from the vehicle. Additionally, making sure the vehicle was the right distance from the light was also something that had to be accounted for the sake of the light meter. Using an outside source for a well lit shot I think proves that shooting with natural light is a difficult thing to accomplish.

Light Observation 2

My second experience when working with natural light was it being too bright. this caused the need for a shift in either shutter speed or f-stop, however with a fixed shutter speed for realistic shots it made it more difficult to balance the amount of light. The limits of the camera’s f stop in addition to the limited shutter speed meant some shots were just not possible. We could have used some sort of object to create shade, however doing so in a public space would have been tricky. Luckily, clouds were able to prevent enough sunlight for properly exposed photos to be taken.

Light Observation 1

I had three different experiences when taking still photographs with the Pentax K1000 when it comes to lighting. First was taking photos in not enough lighting with no way available to increase it. The limitations of the camera created problems throughout trying to take photos, particularly this time as the light meter was the issue. With so little lighting, it was impossible for the light meter to get an accurate reading. The solution was having to move closer to the light source. It was a learning experience, and learning how much light at minimum is needed to properly expose the photo was beneficial.